About Us

We provide win-win solutions to homeowners get out of their sticky situations….Like
Foreclosure, owning a burdensome property, probate or anything else.

Need to sell your Tennessee house fast?

Keyflip is a dependable home buyer. We don’t use realtors or lengthy contracts with hidden fees.

Hi! We are Tre and Sadie.

I’m a firefighter and she’s a nurse. More importantly, we are house flippers and real estate investors.

I’m an ARMY veteran, and if there’s one thing the military taught me – it’s attention to detail. As a firefighter, I had to apply this same skill to keep myself safe and save lives at the same time. You can’t be hasty or sloppy when it comes to saving lives or defending our country, and we take this same approach to home buying.

We are detailed and careful investors, this means we will NEVER make an offer or promise to you, that we cannot keep.

Tre Doxley, firefighter paramedic, real estate investor, owner of Keyflip, LLC.

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We let our reviews speak for themselves. You won’t find slick-talking salespeople over here, because that’s not us. We’re ordinary homeowners and Tennesseans, just like you. Our goal is to present you with an offer you can take to the bank, and if we can’t, we’ll be upfront about it!

Who is Keyflip?

Tre - Owner

Owner, Acquisitions

Tre is the founder of Keyflip and is responsible for growth and systems development.

Sadie - Owner

Owner, Sidekick

Sadie is tasked with making sure operations are running smoothly so we can make the best cash offers to our sellers.


Acquisitions Specialist
Middle Tennessee

Carlos evaluates properties and will meet you at your home, to determine the amount we can give you. He’s a property wizard. The condition of your house doesn’t matter, Carlos can get you an offer.

Rhett - Acquisitions Specialist

Acquisitions Specialist, Tennessee Southwest Regional Manager

Rhett is responsible for buying homes from Davidson County to Shelby County and everywhere in between. He is tasked with evaluating houses and underwriting our best offers for clients.


Therapist, Mastermind, Thought Leader

Bunny is responsible for good vibes. She is tasked with keeping Keyflip light and friendly. Aren’t you happier already?

Selling your Tennessee home can be a stressful ordeal

There are so many moving parts, and you have to understand the market. You can search for hundreds of offers, and this can take weeks if not months. We have an easier solution, let us take the wheel and handle the entire home selling process for you. No banks. No realtors. No inspectors. No marketing. It’s time to join our long list of happy clients.

Fill out the form below to start our no-fuss process and sell your Tennessee house for cash, today.

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Message From The Owners

Tre & Sadie

Owners Of Keyflip

“When it comes to buying and selling, there is the misfortunate opinion that there can only be ONE winner. This means that one party must lose, for a transaction to be a “good deal”. This is garbage and Keyflip doesn’t look at home buying this way. Instead, we prefer to partner with our sellers and work as a team to BEAT THE MARKET and eliminate the senseless fees and commissions in traditional home selling. That’s why we are completely transparent, and we expect our sellers to do the same. If we team up, we can make a great deal for both of us.”

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